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If you have scoliosis or spinal fusion and are struggling to find a fitness routine, accountability, or support that meets you where you are,

the Scoliosis Strength Group Program is for you.

Learn how to stay consistent, get support, and feel unstoppable.

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Staying on track with your fitness goals is hard enough…but when you add scoliosis to the mix, consistent exercise can feel impossible.

A program or routine that doesn't consider the unique challenges that come with scoliosis can prove to be unproductive and painful at times. Even when you work with a personal trainer, it doesn’t always help. Most aren’t trained to work with scoliosis-related challenges — leaving you wondering…

“Can I use this equipment or do this exercise without hurting myself?”

“Is there a way to modify this for my curve??”

Will I ever find something that works for ME?”

There’s no way around it — a traditional exercise program can leave scolio-folk feeling defeated, disappointed, and hesitant to get back to the gym.

That’s why it’s time to stop cobbling together a workout routine from social media, Google, or the unsolicited advice of countless others (even if they mean well). You need something that’s designed with your scoliosis in mind. And you need support as you do it so you can stay consistent when the going gets tough.

Why continue to do it alone when you could take advantage of the advice and support of others who just GET it?

WHAT’S INCLUDED IN Scoliosis Strength Group Program?

12 Weeks of Workouts

Get 12 weeks' worth of workouts designed for folks with scoliosis and spinal fusions — no more wondering if the workouts are safe or useful!

Live Sessions Each Week

Have a question about the course material or educational sessions? How about the exercises? Beth and her team host live Q&A or workout sessions weekly so that you can have your questions answered and exercise form checked. (Recording will be available for those who cannot make it)

New Education Topics Each Week

Unlock a new module each week, full of invaluable information about exercise and scoliosis. New videos will be provided on Monday and will help you crush the exercises each week.

NEW Discounted Access to 1:1 Coaching

Need help with form? Have a question specific to your curve? Book a 1:1 Zoom Session with one of our Scoliosis Strong Coaches!*

*Additional fee per session


We will keep you accountable and help you stay on track for the whole program...and if you do get stuck, you can message us anytime!

A scoliosis-strong community!

This group will cheer you on and help you stay accountable as you work through the material together.

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Beth was so empowering to work with - I am confident being back in the gym again and feel like I have the tools to get stronger without increasing my pain.


I'm really grateful to have found Beth as my coach, who educated me on my scoliosis and pain management. With her help, I am able to enjoy working out again without fear of worsening my curve. Thank you Beth!


Beth's 12 week program was a good foundation for me to keep my scoliosis curve stable, as long as I continue to do the workouts. I was very impressed by her knowledge and she always answered my questions, with my inquisitive mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have time for this?

Absolutely, our clients are busy! We made the lessons purposely short and the workouts with a 30-45 minute cap so you can make sure they fit into your schedule.

Can I do these workouts if I have a spinal fusion?

The program is geared towards those with scoliosis, but we've made all the exercises safe for spinal fusion as well. This program is especially helpful if you have a compensatory curve or unfused segments that need support as well!

What if I can't make the Q&A sessions?

You can submit questions ahead of time and a recording will be available after each Q&A sessions.

I've tried so many things for my scoliosis, how do I know this will work?

Trust me, we have scoliosis too and totally get it. There is a lot of conflicting information out there for exercise with scoliosis. Our unique method of combining scoliosis-specific exercises with strength training has helped hundreds of clients reduce pain, improve posture, and feel confident in their curves!

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