Tired of stretching routines that don’t work for your body?

Good news: Our stretching course was designed specifically for folks with scoliosis, hypermobility, and spinal fusions!

Stretching with Scoliosis Course

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Proper stretching is a bigger deal than you may think

Regular stretching keeps your muscles, ligaments, and tendons healthy, and strong enough to support your spinal curves.

It can also improve your range of motion by soothing tense muscles that are constantly working to protect your spine.

Plus, when done properly, stretching can be a very effective way to reduce pain caused by scoliosis, fusions, or hypermobility.

But not all stretching is created equal!

The pain that comes from scoliosis is uncomfortable at best, and while stretching is one of the BEST ways to both mitigate that pain and help improve your curve over the long run, not all stretches are safe, or even effective, for those living with scoliosis.

Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of mixed information out there about how to stretch, where to stretch, and WHEN to stretch.

Most people with scoliosis were either not taught the important
core mechanics of stretching, were only ever shown stretches that don’t do enough to target their pain, or were taught
stretches that require too much bending.

Basic stretches don’t do enough, but advanced poses do TOO much…what’s a person to do?

Stretching with Scoliosis is here to help!

No more wondering if your daily stretching routine will be too painful to bear, or if it will be too basic to make a difference.

Now, you have an entire program dedicated to folks just like you, right there in your back pocket, showing you how to stretching things out
safely and with better results.

When you join Stretching With Scoliosis, you will…

✔️Feel confident knowing you can stretch without worrying about it causing you more pain

✔️Feel safe working out because you have tools and resources at your disposal

✔️Learn how to work on your own flexibility and mobility so you can continue to move in a way that feels good to you

✔️Know how to use simple stretches that can easily be incorporated into any part of the day

✔️Know how to find, and work with, your own unique curve to help prevent injury and maximize relief

Proper stretching can help you get back to doing what you love without fear of injury or pain…because life with scoliosis doesn’t have to be limiting!

Join hundreds of others inside of Stretching With Scoliosis!

And see for yourself what a sound stretching program can do for you!

Stretching with Scoliosis Course


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I thoroughly enjoyed going through your Stretching Course lessons and learned so much in terms of breathing, alignment, stretching and mobilization.

You've taken a very complex topic that is highly variable between individuals and distilled it down to fundamentally sound principles for working with our bodies to stay safe, healthy and mobile. It is so helpful and empowering.

Beth S.

I've been doing the Stretching course and it's already so helpful! I found out I'm hypermobile and I never knew that!

My hip flexors are not so mobile as I thought which is why I'm in constant hip pain probably😫

Thank you so much for creating this. It gives me hope that I can maybe one day live pain free.


The Stretching course is so informative and easy to follow!

I use several of the stretches to start my day and I find that I have less aches and pains during the day. I also do them at night just before bed and wake up refreshed.

The knowledge I've gained from this course is invaluable. Thank you!


It's time to have a stretching routine that actual works for you. You in?

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Meet Your Instructor

Beth Terranova, PT, DPT

I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager. Not long after, I was introduced to competing in Olympic weightlifting. Over my career, I battled imbalances due to my own scoliosis. Those experiences helped mold my career as a physical therapist. I trained as a Schroth physical therapist to help those with specific scoliosis exercises.

I started Strength and Spine because I realized there were few PTs or personal trainers that really understood scoliosis. Being active always made my scoliosis feel amazing, so I wanted to share that with people everywhere.

Have questions about Core Control With Scoliosis? Email me at [email protected] and I’ll help you!

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