Find strength in your scoliosis.


Feel confident in your curve with our self-paced courses

Our expert team headed by a Schroth physical therapist, has compiled specialized courses for people with scoliosis and spinal fusion. If you’ve been told to start exercising for your scoliosis curve and you’re not sure where to start, these courses give you the tools to build an exercise routine that is safe and effective. These programs are safe for scoliosis or spinal fusions at all degrees and fusion lengths!

core strength for scoliosis

This self-paced, online program (with 50 lessons) will teach you how to strengthen your core without the fear of hurting yourself with exercises that are uncomfortable and unhelpful.

You’ll learn about the key functions of the core, its muscles, and practical exercises you can start incorporating into your fitness routine immediately.

stretches for scoliosis

This self-paced course (with 45 lessons) gives you the foundation of safe and effective stretching with scoliosis. It helps you learn the do's and don'ts and understand where stretching can be important to your routine.

scoliosis exercises

This brand-new scolio-exercise course helps you understand your curve and build functional strength with simple alignment and breathing exercises.

Bundle Our Courses and Save!

Bundle our 2 courses to develop a scoliosis-safe core and stretching routine. All of the exercises are safe for spinal fusions as well


Strong with Scoliosis

Start today on an exercise program that helps you become empowered, strong, and confident in your scoliosis curve.


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