Get scoliosis strong with our customized strength training program!

Our Scoliosis Strength Program is specifically designed to help folks with scoliosis and spinal fusions take back control of their everyday life through the power of personalized strength training.

Does it ever feel like scoliosis controls your life?

Your friend invites you to a pool party, but you know that going involves showing your curves.

You want to go to the gym and wear something comfortable, but you don’t want comments on your posture or stance.

Because whenever you do, that leads to questions that make you a little…uncomfortable.

Questions like:

  • “What’s going on with your back?”

  • “Why does your shoulder blade stick out?”

  • “Tuck in your ribs.” (Like we aren’t trying!)

  • “Why are you standing like that?”

It can be exhausting and even embarrassing, so it’s no surprise that the activities you love have taken a back seat. Before long, it starts to feel like your scoliosis controls you instead of the other way around.

Let's change that narrative - it's time to take back control

Imagine what it would be like to start viewing your scoliosis as your superpower, not your weakness. What if you could start showing up confidently in your everyday life?

No more living life from the sidelines because your scoliosis blocks your ability to do what you want. No more avoiding things you love doing. No more struggling alone. No more wishing you were stronger but feeling unsure about safe exercise!

We're here to help - with the Scoliosis Strength Program

The Scoliosis Strength Program is a one-on-one online exercise and lifestyle coaching program for adults with scoliosis or a spinal fusion who are ready to take their strength and wellness into their own hands.

We’ll help you find custom solutions to your unique curve and lifestyle by taking a personalized approach rather than giving you cookie cutter solutions (that don’t really work) and sending you on your way.

Basically, you’re getting a personal physical therapist and trainer (who also have scoliosis and deeply understand what you’re going through) at your fingertips to help you find answers to your scoliosis questions.

Pair that with custom exercise plans and progress check-ins, and you’ve got a program that will help you (and your spine) feel supported.

Take a look at what's included in this program:

The Scoliosis Strength Program has 3 features that make it unlike any other physical therapy or exercise program you’ve done before. Especially if you have scoliosis.

When we work together, our team gets to know your unique body and we’ll talk through some of the ways we can help you manage your scoliosis.

With this program, you get:

  • An initial empowerment session meant for you to get to know your curve. You can feel more in control of your body and carry that confidence into your life and workout routine.

  • Completely customized scoliosis exercises to build strength and resiliency of your body. We’ll also work with the equipment you can access, whether at home or at your local gym. No need to be local to us! This will allow you to become more active, have less pain, and improve your alignment no matter where you are.

  • Access to a scoliosis expert with over 15 years of experience as your coach, mentor, and friend throughout the process. Together we will optimize your exercise and set you up for long term success with your curve.

If you’re ready to take control of your curve and your life, schedule your free call to learn more!

Not a NYC local? No problem!

The Scoliosis Strength Program is nothing like in-person therapy. That's what makes it an even better option for you! All our assessments and calls can be held virtually, through a private portal. You’ll get digital access to your exercise plans and you’ll have access to a physical therapist who really, truly, understands what you’re going through because she’s been there herself.

Client Testimonials

"I had a spinal fusion as a teenager. When I joined Dr. Beth's program in February, I could only only sit for 10 minutes and not stand for much longer. After 6 months in the coaching program, I am able to lift 5 lb weights, I can load a dishwasher with no issue, and I can sit for as long as I want to. It's been a life changing experience. I was in physical therapy for 5 years [without much improvement] and I feel this program transformed me in only 6 months."

adult scoliosis exercise program

No pain, better posture, + over 60 lbs weight loss!

"Not only did she open this door for me 17 months ago but she helped me to find myself again!! I’m 53 years young and accomplishing so much in my life right now that I sometimes have to stop and really celebrate the moments because they feel surreal! Having coach Christy also now in my corner is fabulous! She is wonderful and has such a caring heart! These 2 ladies have helped me in so many ways that I could not begin to even imagine where I would be today without them. So thank you both for everything and I’m always looking forward to the next workout 🏋🏻‍♀️ and to hopefully sharing more of my happy’s with you both! Anyone in this group that thinks they can’t feel better both mentally and physically due to scoliosis and all that it brings to us, well I’m here to tell you that you CAN!! Take it day by day and let these ladies help to change your life in ways you can’t even dream is possible! Oh and BTW, my new goal is now 145 pounds and this time I KNOW I CAN DO THIS 💪⭐️"

adult scoliosis exercise program

No more pain with sitting, standing or driving!

"After one year with Strength and Spine, I feel so much stronger, I have better posture and my back looks a lot better! Thank you so much Beth! I am so grateful to have found you!"

adult scoliosis exercise program

Enjoying improved posture and new found strength!

"Yesterday, my husband and I went to a Home and Garden Show...The building was immense with concrete floors. We walked around for about 3 hours. Usually I would have been sitting down every 1/2 hour or so to rest my back. Yesterday I walked around the entire time without sitting down and my back was not tired or sore! I couldn't believe it! This tells me that I am on the right track with what I am doing with you and your program. Yay me!!"

Beth taught me through words and videos how to exercise safely and through example that I can do anything I set my mind to. She has helped me learn to love my body and that movement feels so good. After a recent hike I learned I hadn't liked hiking because I wasn't strong enough to enjoy it. Now I am stronger and am ready for more adventures!

– Sasha

Beth is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive- there was no question she couldn't answer thoughtfully and thoroughly. Caring, clear and practical. She's made a lasting impression in my life and vastly improved my current wellbeing. So grateful for her and this unique & much needed program!

– Sophia

"Beth is wonderful, compassionate and has a tremendous understanding of scoliosis and its challenges. She is patient and supportive of her client’s limitations and goals and works diligently to help them achieve them. I highly recommend Beth’s program for anyone looking to improve strength, stability, pain and posture."

– Tania

You’ll walk away with…

  • An initial Empowerment Session to teach you about your curve and make a plan for your program

  • A Zoom check-in call during the mid- and end-points of the program that will help you stay on track while leaving space for answering all your questions.

  • An exercise schedule that builds strength and confidence over time, depending on your performance and updates provided during your weekly check-ins via the mobile app.

  • Access to your coach for any questions that pop up during the week

  • An understanding of scoliosis-specific exercises that are safe for YOUR curve (not just scoliosis in general).

  • And most importantly — a renewed sense of confidence in everything you CAN do, despite your scoliosis. More mobility, more doing what you love, and more freedom to do it.

Your Burning Questions Answered

Do I need special equipment for your program?

No, the majority of our clients are working out at home or in a gym with equipment you likely already own. If you need special equipment, we will let you know

Will this cure my scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a lifelong condition and while there is no cure, there are many things we can do to alleviate pain, improve appearance, and help with self-confidence. This program is designed with your goals in mind, whatever those may be!

Can I do this program with a spinal fusion?

Absolutely! We also accept clients with spinal fusions into our program. We will customize your program based on your surgery and where you are in the stage of your recovery. 

Do you see patients for Schroth Physical Therapy

Beth is not currently accepting new patients for in-person Schroth PT sessions. She continues to offer virtual sessions. If you’re looking specifically for Schroth Physical Therapy services, please contact us for more information.

How much do your programs cost?

Each program is individually designed so the pricing may vary. There is a recommended 6-month commitment. Please schedule a call so we can meet and discuss the best program design and option that fits your budget.


Strong with Scoliosis

Start today on an exercise program that helps you become empowered, strong, and confident in your scoliosis curve.


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